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At once a time machine and a magic carpet, Nepal sweeps you along crooked, ancient streets flanked by dazzling, multi-roofed pagodas, gold-topped stupas and arcane stone sculptures, and into low-ceilinged rooms cluttered with horror-eyed masks, spinning prayer wheels, Buddhist thangka scrolls and Tibetan carpets.

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Yeti Travels

Yeti Travels specializes South Asian regions for cheaper airfare and exciting tour packages to the world’s most exotic and affordable holiday destinations like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangaladesh, Tibet and Bhutan. The main objective of Yeti Travels is serving the community better by providing excellent customer service and professional travel advice in order to fulfill your travel requirements.

We put our best effort in providing quality of services in the areas of booking air fare, holiday packages, car rentals, hotel accommodation, travel insurance or any large or small item that makes your travel more enjoyable and rewarding.

Our determination in providing excellent customer services is being possible through our highly trained and well traveled consultants who have extensive knowledge of destinations as well as in-depth knowledge in all aspects of travel.


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Nepal and Himalayas-the two names go side by side.
BHUTAN is a country nestled in the eastern Himalayas.
TIBET, the very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery.
India's 22nd State lies in one of the most enthralling regions.
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